The Return is Laced with Shame?


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AMO and her alts have been rather quiet pretty much all month. They started back up yesterday. They still keep a pattern of tping around to Linden rez spots and rez a sign or a bus stop and a taxi or bus or other vehicle.

Her Putiki Fold gas station has started up the self rezzing of vehicles to wander the roads. I will give credit that the one that went s-n through Foyle managed to make it across the bridge without any real struggle.

In SL you can basically do what you want on your own loand as long as it doesn’t violate the EULA/TOS. So her doing what she wants on her land is of no concern to me. Have fun, build more, less, go crazy but the moment your activities go off your parcel(s) then it starts to concern the rest of the grid to one degree or another.

When you take a step or three further and start to permanently use public prims in Linden rez areas, citing that they are there to be used yet failing to follow the thought all the way through that you become a nuisance to the community and a less than a positive contributing member of the community. The rez areas are indeed there to be used. They are set up to enable people to rez their vehicle and start their journey or to restart their trip after a bad sim crossing. The spirit and intention is that they are there for a temporary use. Rez your vehicle, move on. They are not there for a continuously rez a vehicle in the hopes someone rides it to contribute to your data. In the past said AMO vehicles used to advertise to the rider to buy the scripts/vehicle or donate. I am unaware if they do that still as I am not going to contribute to her data of “happy riders”.

She has admitted before that the occupancy of her vehicles at any time ranges from 0% to 5%. Based on how many people I have seen riding in one I would put it at best as 1% or lower. So remember, for every 20 vehicles you see, at best one of those was actually in use by another avatar.

What does this have to do with shame? Well, as documented before, AnnMarie Otoole uses bots to keep up her “in demand” network of vehicles. She has had one alt banned for violating TOS repeatedly. She’s taken to keeping her AMO main account on the discrete side of things, buffering it away from her actions with the alt accounts. Is she concerned about losing her main account due to her actions? I believe so. That is why you’ll find her on her AnnMarie Resident account most of the time now days.

What has this to do with shame?

She’s taken to lurking on neighbouring parcels instead of her own. Apparently being seen on her own land is something to be ashamed of. This morning she’s collapsed on the roof of a business, much like a passed out drunk.

Oh The Shame


A New Challenger Appears!

Well, not really but a new alt of AnnMArie Otoole’s has been discovered despite her best efforts to hide the membership of her group Convicts (group key 03f55faf-b6db-324c-380f-f6950dc5ba4c) It states seven members when you hover over the name yet only 6 are visible. Is the hidden one her banned alt AnnMarie Oleander? Or is it Ianne Pooley? Although Ianne Pooley does not show Convicts in their profile and is essentially blank, it does share the Bahamas Swingers Club and Jazz Emporium groups.

The profile does say “I am an ALT, which is another name for SLAVE.
My owner uses me to test dangerous new scripts.  I’m left standing for hours while she is off having FUN.  I get no  pay, I sleep on the ground.  She gives me no money and I wear FREEBIE  clothes, Grrrrrr.
ALTS have feelings too.  This is DISCRIMINATION.  FREE THE ALTS.  EQUALITY FOR ALL.” but that’s not what pointed them out. No, it was the rezzed vehicles and the vehicle rezzer that bore the name of Ianne Pooley that were new additions to the SLTA parcel in Putiki Fold. The rezzer only has the one car in it at this time.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007

The Bridge

One of the unique things about Foyle Gully is that it has a lake in the middle. It has been there since the sim went live. It is known as Meteor Lake and once upon a time had a statue of Cthulu in it and a shipping crate from Miskatonic University. Sadly those are long gone as land changed hands over the years. There is a Cthulu back in the lake now as I own most of the sim now.

Another unique feature is the bridge. Route 9 runs north-south through the sim and encounters the lake along the west side. The moles of LL built a nice bridge to traverse this landmark. What is really nice about the bridge is that many of AMO’s vehicles struggle to make it up the slight incline at the northern end. I’m not sure about the southern end of the bridge as all the vehicles I can recall seeing travel south to north through my sim. It has been some time since I’ve seen one though so we’ll just have to trust my memory. I have seen in the past one of her vehicles get stuck, struggling to make that climb and another of hers come by some time later and push it up. Grant you it is by chance this happens and not by design.

Anyhow, here’s a picture of the sloping ends of the bridge. The Circle K is my gacha store and the spooky old house at the right side of the picture (north on the map) is my shop Something Wicked This Way Rezzes.


Detailed information?


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Well, for those of you who do partake of Second Life and happen to have the fortune/misfortune to be roadside on the mainland(s), you may have encountered the abominations of AnnMarie Otoole. “Self guiding” vehicles for “realism” (according to her) but how realistic are massively oversized and undersized cars? How realistic is it for them to suddenly ignore the realism she claims to want and suddenly drive/meander across water?

The bane of them is, they often get stuck, cross sims horribly because they are heavily overscripted and poorly scripted. Now she’s added spiders and tomatoes to the vehicle fleet which is so very realistic! Why every day I have tomatoes roll past my house being chased by Volkswagon sized spiders…

She’s a scourge. She skirts the rules of SL and of community spirit by running bots AaronM Jenkins and Enid Oompa to pop around to many of the rez zones on the LL roads and drop a bus stop and some sort of vehicle. She did this with her now banned alt AnnMarie Oleander only it was bus stop signs not bus stops.

That said, there’s a nice thread detailing much of her “work” and you can see just how out of touch she is with the rest of SL over here:

She ran the bots from her Putiki Fold land holdings but has moved them to another parcel after I exposed them. I’ve also stumbled over maps showing each spot she uses to rez her seriously outdated back when they were made in 06 vehicles and bus stops. Lurking up at the SLTA Headquarters (apparently she’s a self proclaimed traffic authority for Second Life) at we have a lovely box full of pointers.

Snapshot_009 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_014 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_016 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_012

Each pointer is named for the sim it points to and indicates one of the points AnnMarie Otoole uses to exploit permissions in Second Life and to go against community decency.

Guild Wars – Dragon Down

So, new episode of living world season 2 opened up. It was a bit of a quick play through but the “boss fight” at the end was a bit of a pain. We discovered more about why Caithe is doing what she did and just how messed up her personal life is during our use of the memory seeds.

So we find the cave of gold in our visions.


It was quite lovely and had a few things to interact with. We gt more on Caithe after this part but I’ll leave that to you to experience.

Boss Fight Time! That pesky shadow dragon that munched on the grove showed back up. You could tell he was a monster as his eyes were lit up. Maybe a guy in a rubber suit from Toho Studios 😉


After a challenging and a bit frustrating due to how often the dragon was using aoe hits, he ran off, struggled to escape in best monster movie fashion, and fell. His eyes were still lit so he wasn’t dead yet. A quick run over and a smack using our ascended light and it was lights out for him.


You can tell he’s dead as his eyes have had the lights turned off. Who says those Gamera and Godzilla movies weren’t educational?

He was a big one. Don’t think there’s room above my mantlepiece to mount his head.


A beautiful and emotion invoking cinematic plays and we get a nice tease of what’s to come.




Singham Fairbanks, my EU mesmer poses heroically atop a rock formation near her home. She’s the younger sister of my engineer on the US servers, Misha Fairbanks. They’re Norns and I’ve had a blast playing them both. Several of my toons are “related” across both accounts. We’ve the Fairbanks sisters and the Graves sisters. Violated and Desecrated are both human and surprisingly enough, both are necromancers. Who would have thought that’d happen with names like that?

Mini Teq

Well, the last couple of nights I’ve run Teq on my US account. Last night I got Errol’s gloves as a drop although I am using Shiro’s. Earlier today while doing pumpkins for the Master Carver achievment, I got a dye I didn’t have drop. It is a lovely colour called Evening Red.

Anyhow, tonight I was doing Teq again, focusing on getting more karma on my US account and got sucked in Teq’s whirlpools twice. Seriously, twice tonight while all the previous weeks I have been doing it, I never got pulled in once. I guess Teq decided I needed the I Found It achievement. Mission accomplished.

Unlike the night before, when Errol’s gloves dropped out of a guild box loot thing, mini Teq dropped out of Teq’s chest directly. \o/


Halloween – Day of the Dead

So, went and saw the gorgeous and fun film The Book of Life. Even though it is a “kids movie” it is quite enjoyable and the colour palettes used are gorgeous! Plot is a bit weak but good for a movie aimed for a lower audience age but still holds the interest of older viewers.

I got a bit inspired by it.

DotD 01 DotD 02 DotD 03 DotD 04 DotD 05

And a shot sans the lighting filter.


Fashion Details:

Eyes – Eerie Pale Green eyes from Celeste Moonlight.

Hair – Olive the Ocean Hair – lavender tinted red, The Arcade item

Skin – Pink Fuel Harley Espresso

Makeup – Dia de los Muertos V1 with White base from parlorista.

Body makeup – Skeleton paint gift from a friend.

Top – Day of the Dead Peasant top from Mesh Head

Skirt – Tequila Long Skirt Folk Print from Livid

Shoes – Los Eskeletos High Skull Mules Flowers from Livid

Glasses – Alchemist2_Gold_CM* by Air

First Ascended!

Teq has been my bitch for some time, only failed once in like a bajillion times. Still have one jump left and the tail dodge to finish off that list of achievments. Tonight, after all this time of getting blues, lotas of greens and some yellows, I got an orange drop and a weapon chest. Ascended weapon chest! \o/ Due tot he stats though, it made more sense to pass it off to my ranger than my necro despite my necro being the one I run Teq on. Gotta love self heals and kill a pet for health for survivability. Maybe next time I’ll get something for her.

Ascended LongbowBowmageddon!

Been Off in GW2 Lately

Slowly working my way towards exploring the world.  It is taking me longer as I am in no hurry to finish and I am also bouncing between my US and EU accounts. I actually made it into Ebonhawke today for the first time. It’s lovely but laid out a bit odd.

Anyhow, also been playing with pics and doing a Team EU and Team US group shots.

Here is Team EU, mainly representing the guild Heiligenstadt (RKDA)

gw eu grp f

from left to right

Jun Miime – Sylvari Elementalist

Annoying Littletwit – Asura Thief

Grumpy Catt – Charr Engineer

Keitlynn Ceawlin – Norn Guardian

Caete Chevallier – Human Ranger yeah I know 2 l’s, seems I used the right spelling some time in the past on my US account

Violated Graves – Human Necromancer