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A long long time before I was born, Disneyland had all sorts of hi-tech displays concerning the growing use of new materials in our everyday lives. Plastic bein the one with the most wide spread use in my opinion. One of the attractions was the Monsanto House of the Future. It was only in place for 10 years before being removed yet it has left its mark all over.

It was a very unique design and was set in that far off future of 1986. Essentially the house was a giant plus sigh laid down on a pedestal. Something about it though just makes you go “oh my, neat!”

I wanted to bring this attraction back to life, or more correctly, Second Life. I didn’t want to just make a direct copy but capture the spirit of the house and put my own twist on it. That’s why I call mine the House of Tomorrow in tribute to the House of the Future.

It takes up a 30×30 space giving you 4 rooms and a central space. It is elevated and weighs in at a light land impact of 10. It is copy, mod, no transfer and include an extra wall (copy, mod, no trans) for those who like to give a home their own touch and a bit of privacy in a room or three.