Taking a bit of a break from the digital world to talk about umm well, kind of a different digital world I guess.

By now we’ve all seen the trailers for Deadpool. Each offering a bit if different insight on the film and presenting different takes of some lines. We got less angry Rosie O’Donnel and Jose Canseco for example.

We get glimpses of other characters, Blind Al and others. Overall it is going to be an over the top appears to be fairly true to the source material movie. We even get a bit of crossover in it. We get a new and impressive looking Colossus who doesn’t look like 1980s CGI.

There a load of trailer explained videos pointing out all the little clues and nods out there. However they seem to all overlook one character in the trailer. What character is that? If you look in the background during the exchange between Colossus and Deadpool, you’ll see a bit of the Blackbird, the X-Men’s jet.