So, my Supah Sekrit Kitteh Base has been redone. Apparently in an effort to cut down on sim impact, I had deleted all the landscape scripts. Fine and dandy until I want toed to change from summer to winter. It took a but but I redid the entire forest except for the tree tunnels which I mysteriously had not deleted the scripts out of. Anyhow, I now have a nice peaceful quiet snow land in the middle of eternal green.


The view from the distant reflection pond (frozen over at the moment) looking back towards the house. The ice is thick enough to stand on safely as I so wisely demonstrate in the picture.


Moi in the hammock under the tree house. Here we are looking back towards the distant reflection pond from the previous picture.


The view from the landing spot in the clearing. Your eye gets drawn to the tree house with a bit of aid from the lighted tree tunnel that leads to it. There is a second tree tunnel that leads off to the side and to the reflection pond. It is visible in the previous two pictures.


Inside the tree house we find my subdued decorating. Yeah, just a nice warm tree in the corner. Since this is all “deep in the woods” and a supah sekrit location, low key decor is the way to go.

I happen to like modest and subdued decoration for most holidays. It makes it seem more personal to me.