So, in an effort to thwart piracy, Bethesda shipped the PC version missing quite a few files. So much so that for my ancient copper line DSL, it took 3 days to download the 20+ gig. Granted the steam servers were hammered also during this time, but still, it was a major pain in the arse. Nothing says FUN like getting home from work on Tuesday night, start to install the game and can finally play Friday night when I got home from work.

That said, the game plays wonderfully for me on an older rig. i7 860 @ 2.80Ghz, 16 gig ram, EVGA NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti video card.Game looks gorgeousalthough is does at times seem to have a oily sheen on everyone/everything. This might be the godrays. I’ve not tinkered with settings yet other than manually cranking it to high since aitodetect said medium was for me. I’ve had no stutters, the usual collision glitches that exist in every Bethesda game and oddly enough, I have yet to have the game crash on me which is UNLIKE every previous Bethesda game I have ever played. FO3/NV was horrid with random surprise crashes and having to start from the last time I saved (probably hours back as I am pretty bad about saving on the fly).

Pathing for the NPCs seems decent however the same can’t be said for the companions. Well, I’m only running with Dogmeat so it may just be him. He paths weirdly, will sometimes charge off to fight crap I can’t see. Worse is he loves to come and push me when I am aiming and making me miss my shot. I also hate how he constantly runs to be under your crosshairs when you are trying to loot bodies and such. This triggers the follower conversation instead of looting and you have to hit tab to get out, wait for doofus to get the hell out of the way so you can loot up. If it wasn’t for the fact he can;t be killed and occassionally finds loot and points it out to me, I’d force his arse to sit in the corner.


So early into the game, I came across the eyeglasses and the bowler! I have decided they are my signature pieces, kind of how DumDum Dugan never fought with out his bowler. The armor is road leathers with various pieces strapped on, mainly legendary drops off what seems to be an invasion of legendary mobs. I have never seen so many legendary mobs before. Also legendary radscorpions SUCK. I had 2 at the same time and barely lived.

Screenshots in the game are saved in odd folders. Mine were actually off in c://ProgramFiles(x86)steam/userdata/71821521/760/remote/377160/screenshots instead of the normal (for steam) c://ProgramFiles(x86)steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4

Anyhow, it is fun, has managed to pull me away from Mad Max and that fun chaos.