So, I finally got into The Arcade gacha event and got several bicycles. I’m selling them off at my gacha shop except for the cotton candy one which I like a lot. So I mount up and decide to give it a test ride.

The Journey Begins

I enter the sim directly south of mine and guess what I saw?

The Bus

That’s right! One of AnnMarie Otoole’s heavily scripted self littering vehicles. Of course none are owned directly by her, she’s got layers of alts that own them so her main doesn’t get banned. So barely into Dewey and we get an eyesore. Thanks AMO. The picture was taken at midnight so we could all bask in the glow from the arse end of the bus just like in RL! So realistic!

Still, the show must go on!

We peddle through Kitster and find a couple of castles have gone up.

Kitster Castles

Next we encounter many robots in Kouhun. Also a bus but it is not AMOs nor is it stuck in someone’s yard or house or airspace.

Kouhum Robots

Just south of the northern border of Strata we can find another of AMO’s self driving vehicles that get stuck off road, yet she will tell you that is impossible.

Strata Car

Also in Strata is a nice little henge. It’s no Caetehenge but it is nice to see another henge on the grid!


On down the road we enter Mechozilla. A rather nice little rental property comes with a bonus. That’s right! Free AMO car parking on the second floor balcony! Nothing says responsible scripter and builder like random airbourne vehicles lodging themselves in your house.

Two Story Parking in Mechozilla

Our journey was quiet (and no sales of cotton candy šŸ˜¦ ) all through Reverie, Exxilon, and Zed’s Pitch. Ruh oh, something must have happened in the next sim! That’s right. In Rimutaka Park, near the eastern border, we get to see realism in action! An antique steam roller pretending to be the General Lee from The Duke’s of Hazard has frozen its jump in time so we can all marvel at the graceful flight!

Rimutaka Park Jump

Meanwhile in Putiki Fold, AnnMarie Otoole stands blinging and full bright straight out of 2003. It is obvious she doesn’t care about what others go through with her blight of vehicles. And to answer your question, no, she did not buy any cotton candy. šŸ˜¦

Putiki Fold

Just in case you are confused, AMO is on the right. The one on the left is a noob scuplture.