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AMO and her alts have been rather quiet pretty much all month. They started back up yesterday. They still keep a pattern of tping around to Linden rez spots and rez a sign or a bus stop and a taxi or bus or other vehicle.

Her Putiki Fold gas station has started up the self rezzing of vehicles to wander the roads. I will give credit that the one that went s-n through Foyle managed to make it across the bridge without any real struggle.

In SL you can basically do what you want on your own loand as long as it doesn’t violate the EULA/TOS. So her doing what she wants on her land is of no concern to me. Have fun, build more, less, go crazy but the moment your activities go off your parcel(s) then it starts to concern the rest of the grid to one degree or another.

When you take a step or three further and start to permanently use public prims in Linden rez areas, citing that they are there to be used yet failing to follow the thought all the way through that you become a nuisance to the community and a less than a positive contributing member of the community. The rez areas are indeed there to be used. They are set up to enable people to rez their vehicle and start their journey or to restart their trip after a bad sim crossing. The spirit and intention is that they are there for a temporary use. Rez your vehicle, move on. They are not there for a continuously rez a vehicle in the hopes someone rides it to contribute to your data. In the past said AMO vehicles used to advertise to the rider to buy the scripts/vehicle or donate. I am unaware if they do that still as I am not going to contribute to her data of “happy riders”.

She has admitted before that the occupancy of her vehicles at any time ranges from 0% to 5%. Based on how many people I have seen riding in one I would put it at best as 1% or lower. So remember, for every 20 vehicles you see, at best one of those was actually in use by another avatar.

What does this have to do with shame? Well, as documented before, AnnMarie Otoole uses bots to keep up her “in demand” network of vehicles. She has had one alt banned for violating TOS repeatedly. She’s taken to keeping her AMO main account on the discrete side of things, buffering it away from her actions with the alt accounts. Is she concerned about losing her main account due to her actions? I believe so. That is why you’ll find her on her AnnMarie Resident account most of the time now days.

What has this to do with shame?

She’s taken to lurking on neighbouring parcels instead of her own. Apparently being seen on her own land is something to be ashamed of. This morning she’s collapsed on the roof of a business, much like a passed out drunk.

Oh The Shame