One of the unique things about Foyle Gully is that it has a lake in the middle. It has been there since the sim went live. It is known as Meteor Lake and once upon a time had a statue of Cthulu in it and a shipping crate from Miskatonic University. Sadly those are long gone as land changed hands over the years. There is a Cthulu back in the lake now as I own most of the sim now.

Another unique feature is the bridge. Route 9 runs north-south through the sim and encounters the lake along the west side. The moles of LL built a nice bridge to traverse this landmark. What is really nice about the bridge is that many of AMO’s vehicles struggle to make it up the slight incline at the northern end. I’m not sure about the southern end of the bridge as all the vehicles I can recall seeing travel south to north through my sim. It has been some time since I’ve seen one though so we’ll just have to trust my memory. I have seen in the past one of her vehicles get stuck, struggling to make that climb and another of hers come by some time later and push it up. Grant you it is by chance this happens and not by design.

Anyhow, here’s a picture of the sloping ends of the bridge. The Circle K is my gacha store and the spooky old house at the right side of the picture (north on the map) is my shop Something Wicked This Way Rezzes.