Well, not really but a new alt of AnnMArie Otoole’s has been discovered despite her best efforts to hide the membership of her group Convicts (group key 03f55faf-b6db-324c-380f-f6950dc5ba4c) It states seven members when you hover over the name yet only 6 are visible. Is the hidden one her banned alt AnnMarie Oleander? Or is it Ianne Pooley? Although Ianne Pooley does not show Convicts in their profile and is essentially blank, it does share the Bahamas Swingers Club and Jazz Emporium groups.

The profile does say “I am an ALT, which is another name for SLAVE.
My owner uses me to test dangerous new scripts.  I’m left standing for hours while she is off having FUN.  I get no  pay, I sleep on the ground.  She gives me no money and I wear FREEBIE  clothes, Grrrrrr.
ALTS have feelings too.  This is DISCRIMINATION.  FREE THE ALTS.  EQUALITY FOR ALL.” but that’s not what pointed them out. No, it was the rezzed vehicles and the vehicle rezzer that bore the name of Ianne Pooley that were new additions to the SLTA parcel in Putiki Fold. The rezzer only has the one car in it at this time.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007