So, new episode of living world season 2 opened up. It was a bit of a quick play through but the “boss fight” at the end was a bit of a pain. We discovered more about why Caithe is doing what she did and just how messed up her personal life is during our use of the memory seeds.

So we find the cave of gold in our visions.


It was quite lovely and had a few things to interact with. We gt more on Caithe after this part but I’ll leave that to you to experience.

Boss Fight Time! That pesky shadow dragon that munched on the grove showed back up. You could tell he was a monster as his eyes were lit up. Maybe a guy in a rubber suit from Toho Studios 😉


After a challenging and a bit frustrating due to how often the dragon was using aoe hits, he ran off, struggled to escape in best monster movie fashion, and fell. His eyes were still lit so he wasn’t dead yet. A quick run over and a smack using our ascended light and it was lights out for him.


You can tell he’s dead as his eyes have had the lights turned off. Who says those Gamera and Godzilla movies weren’t educational?

He was a big one. Don’t think there’s room above my mantlepiece to mount his head.


A beautiful and emotion invoking cinematic plays and we get a nice tease of what’s to come.