So, went and saw the gorgeous and fun film The Book of Life. Even though it is a “kids movie” it is quite enjoyable and the colour palettes used are gorgeous! Plot is a bit weak but good for a movie aimed for a lower audience age but still holds the interest of older viewers.

I got a bit inspired by it.

DotD 01 DotD 02 DotD 03 DotD 04 DotD 05

And a shot sans the lighting filter.


Fashion Details:

Eyes – Eerie Pale Green eyes from Celeste Moonlight.

Hair – Olive the Ocean Hair – lavender tinted red, The Arcade item

Skin – Pink Fuel Harley Espresso

Makeup – Dia de los Muertos V1 with White base from parlorista.

Body makeup – Skeleton paint gift from a friend.

Top – Day of the Dead Peasant top from Mesh Head

Skirt – Tequila Long Skirt Folk Print from Livid

Shoes – Los Eskeletos High Skull Mules Flowers from Livid

Glasses – Alchemist2_Gold_CM* by Air