Slowly working my way towards exploring the world.  It is taking me longer as I am in no hurry to finish and I am also bouncing between my US and EU accounts. I actually made it into Ebonhawke today for the first time. It’s lovely but laid out a bit odd.

Anyhow, also been playing with pics and doing a Team EU and Team US group shots.

Here is Team EU, mainly representing the guild Heiligenstadt (RKDA)

gw eu grp f

from left to right

Jun Miime – Sylvari Elementalist

Annoying Littletwit – Asura Thief

Grumpy Catt – Charr Engineer

Keitlynn Ceawlin – Norn Guardian

Caete Chevallier – Human Ranger yeah I know 2 l’s, seems I used the right spelling some time in the past on my US account

Violated Graves – Human Necromancer