Those who have been following my blog since day 1 will know I and my crew have been searching for Bigfoot in the virtual world of Second Life.  We’ve had a lot of false leads, misidentified monsters and such.  We’ve been quiet on the sunject to stop the media following us and possibly frightening off Bigfoot.

Our silence has paid off. We’ve managed to get a sharp, clear picture of Bigfoot. After having it examined by Scientist Ladies of Science, the following facts can be verified:

He has big feet.

He’s very tall.

He’s very hairy.

He’s not out of focus.

He doesn’t glow in the dark.

His eyes seem to be black, pitch black. We’re talking black soulless pits here. That’s what makes him so scary.

He doesn’t have sonic weaponry built into his chest. Seriously? How fucked up do you have to be to think this shit up guys?

He’s very solitary. We found our Bigfoot roaming deep in the Heiligenstadt forest.

He eats fish and grubs and bark. Maybe even abandoned cars. We’re still investigating that last bit.

So here, is our shot of Bigfoot taken at great personal risk and shared for the world to see. We’ve also pointed out Bigfoot in the picture since he blends in well.


You can come investigate his lair here

Just be safe and cautious and don’t yell at him.