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So yeah, bit the bullet and managed to get LL to sell me the remaining abandoned land in Foyle Gully.  I already had over half the sim but was using an alt for some of it thanks to the pricing of LL. Half a sim = 125. Go even 1sq m over that limit and pow 195. Use an alt for land also and had about 8K sq m which is 40. So 125 + 40 was cheaper than making it all mine. Well now I’m about 5100 sq m from owning the entire sim. I don’t mind. One neighbour has a tiny 512 nestled beside the other neighbour’s shop. My old friend Wyn still has the 512 in the lake with the island on it.

The hardest part of Foyle is decorating. We do have a LL road running through it which is not a big headache at all unless AMO’s vehicles are falling off the bridge (happens quite often) or they run off road and get stuck. As you can see, we do have a lake. Actually it is an ancient meteor crater that has filled up with water. The slopes make it a bit of a pain to put houses in unless you do stilts/platforms/or hug the sim edges. The meteor lake has been there since day one. I am keeping it there. I just need to put a few things in the water to restore it back the way it was.