Allo, Caete here.

Since our target is mainly a nocturnal creature according to many sources, LM Mittens and I decided it would be best to try another scouting mission at night. We had picked a good location and once the sun went down, I headed out.

The initial search of the area had no glaring clues to be found. It was rather empty and barren of life. I took a second, more intense survey of the land and found one clue as to the possible location of our subject.


It was a rather vague indication of where Bigfoot’s lair might be. I tracked it to the best of my abilities given the flimsy trail. It paid off. I located a possible lair. This was no nest of trees pushed together. It was chock full of evidence of recent and frequent habitation. I spent the better part of the remaining night searching for specific evidence of Bigfoot. I found no footprints but given the firmness of the terrain, that was to be expected. Samples were gathered and sent to the lab for testing.


LM Mittens and myself do not have high hopes for any positive indications of Bigfoot being found at this location, but regardless of the outcome, it is at least one more spot crossed off the list of possible Bigfoot territory.