After many months of talks, it has been decided that effective today, that members of Team Kitten, Team Pwnie and the Kitten Liberation Front shall unite in the name of science and knowledge to explore the mysteries of the second world.

Our goal is to share our experiences and findings concerning the myths and legends that are inherent in all human cultures.

We will be using a combination of repurposed military equipment (the unknown can be quite dangerous!) and technology so cutting edge new, it hasn’t been named yet. Our crew is made up of dedicated volunteers who risk their lives and sanity braving the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Caete Chevalier, expedition leader. She is the one who changed the team’s name from Team Bigfoot Hunter Tracker Team Of Awesomeness to Team Chevalier. Sadly Team Awesome was already in use. Rumoured to be ex KLF, this Scientist Lady of Science brings years of science to the team. Also she brings most of the equipment and maintains the base of operations.

Keitlynn Ceawlin, pilot, test subject, bait. She is Beaker to Caete’s Honeydew. A slightly insane catgirl (aren’t they all?) who is leader of Team Pwnie. She can usually be bribed into dangerous doings with a stuffed pony. Despite her dangerous job skill set, she always seems to come through more or less intact.

Loadmaster Mittens, vehicle specialist. He is a founding member of Team Kitten and is the brains behind planning and collecting all the necessary equipment for the expeditions. No one handles planning like he does.