Caete here.  Loadmaster Mittens and I have been doing some prep work for the team’s first expedition.  It is always a good thing to narrow down your area so you can focus your efforts and get the best results for the money.

So, we conducted a search.  Our search probes came back with twelve (12) hits.  More than I was expecting.  LM just rubbed his chin and did his mix of purring and hmmming which meant he was thinking.

The top result was one being.  The rest were places or groups.  Could we have already found our target so quickly and easily?  We checked into the background and personal info on the subject and were disappointed.  It was clear this was not our target.  This was clearly a dog.  A good sized dog but not anywhere near being in the same category as our now confirmed elusive prize, Bigfoot.

Still, we had several other leads to follow up on….