The House of Tomorrow


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A long long time before I was born, Disneyland had all sorts of hi-tech displays concerning the growing use of new materials in our everyday lives. Plastic bein the one with the most wide spread use in my opinion. One of the attractions was the Monsanto House of the Future. It was only in place for 10 years before being removed yet it has left its mark all over.

It was a very unique design and was set in that far off future of 1986. Essentially the house was a giant plus sigh laid down on a pedestal. Something about it though just makes you go “oh my, neat!”

I wanted to bring this attraction back to life, or more correctly, Second Life. I didn’t want to just make a direct copy but capture the spirit of the house and put my own twist on it. That’s why I call mine the House of Tomorrow in tribute to the House of the Future.

It takes up a 30×30 space giving you 4 rooms and a central space. It is elevated and weighs in at a light land impact of 10. It is copy, mod, no transfer and include an extra wall (copy, mod, no trans) for those who like to give a home their own touch and a bit of privacy in a room or three.





Taking a bit of a break from the digital world to talk about umm well, kind of a different digital world I guess.

By now we’ve all seen the trailers for Deadpool. Each offering a bit if different insight on the film and presenting different takes of some lines. We got less angry Rosie O’Donnel and Jose Canseco for example.

We get glimpses of other characters, Blind Al and others. Overall it is going to be an over the top appears to be fairly true to the source material movie. We even get a bit of crossover in it. We get a new and impressive looking Colossus who doesn’t look like 1980s CGI.

There a load of trailer explained videos pointing out all the little clues and nods out there. However they seem to all overlook one character in the trailer. What character is that? If you look in the background during the exchange between Colossus and Deadpool, you’ll see a bit of the Blackbird, the X-Men’s jet.


Winter is comin..has arrived!

So, my Supah Sekrit Kitteh Base has been redone. Apparently in an effort to cut down on sim impact, I had deleted all the landscape scripts. Fine and dandy until I want toed to change from summer to winter. It took a but but I redid the entire forest except for the tree tunnels which I mysteriously had not deleted the scripts out of. Anyhow, I now have a nice peaceful quiet snow land in the middle of eternal green.


The view from the distant reflection pond (frozen over at the moment) looking back towards the house. The ice is thick enough to stand on safely as I so wisely demonstrate in the picture.


Moi in the hammock under the tree house. Here we are looking back towards the distant reflection pond from the previous picture.


The view from the landing spot in the clearing. Your eye gets drawn to the tree house with a bit of aid from the lighted tree tunnel that leads to it. There is a second tree tunnel that leads off to the side and to the reflection pond. It is visible in the previous two pictures.


Inside the tree house we find my subdued decorating. Yeah, just a nice warm tree in the corner. Since this is all “deep in the woods” and a supah sekrit location, low key decor is the way to go.

I happen to like modest and subdued decoration for most holidays. It makes it seem more personal to me.


After a lot of effort and exploring, I have a full suit of X-01 Power Armor. Of course just having the rarest and best power armor in the game isn’t quite enough for me. Oh no, I used some of my mods.

First up was to paint it with my Hot Rodder Pink and White Flames.


Then I added some jet pack tech  thanks to the Brotherhood of Steel.


Yeah, that’s my Red Rocket Secret Base near Sanctuary. Piper was very impressed by the purple eyes. Using the headlamp on the X-01 actually makes the eyes light up instead of an attached lamp.


With a little effort and daring, now I can get on top of things that normally are unreachable except through using tcl. The tank on top of the Corvega plant was no problem.


Fallout 4

So, in an effort to thwart piracy, Bethesda shipped the PC version missing quite a few files. So much so that for my ancient copper line DSL, it took 3 days to download the 20+ gig. Granted the steam servers were hammered also during this time, but still, it was a major pain in the arse. Nothing says FUN like getting home from work on Tuesday night, start to install the game and can finally play Friday night when I got home from work.

That said, the game plays wonderfully for me on an older rig. i7 860 @ 2.80Ghz, 16 gig ram, EVGA NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti video card.Game looks gorgeousalthough is does at times seem to have a oily sheen on everyone/everything. This might be the godrays. I’ve not tinkered with settings yet other than manually cranking it to high since aitodetect said medium was for me. I’ve had no stutters, the usual collision glitches that exist in every Bethesda game and oddly enough, I have yet to have the game crash on me which is UNLIKE every previous Bethesda game I have ever played. FO3/NV was horrid with random surprise crashes and having to start from the last time I saved (probably hours back as I am pretty bad about saving on the fly).

Pathing for the NPCs seems decent however the same can’t be said for the companions. Well, I’m only running with Dogmeat so it may just be him. He paths weirdly, will sometimes charge off to fight crap I can’t see. Worse is he loves to come and push me when I am aiming and making me miss my shot. I also hate how he constantly runs to be under your crosshairs when you are trying to loot bodies and such. This triggers the follower conversation instead of looting and you have to hit tab to get out, wait for doofus to get the hell out of the way so you can loot up. If it wasn’t for the fact he can;t be killed and occassionally finds loot and points it out to me, I’d force his arse to sit in the corner.


So early into the game, I came across the eyeglasses and the bowler! I have decided they are my signature pieces, kind of how DumDum Dugan never fought with out his bowler. The armor is road leathers with various pieces strapped on, mainly legendary drops off what seems to be an invasion of legendary mobs. I have never seen so many legendary mobs before. Also legendary radscorpions SUCK. I had 2 at the same time and barely lived.

Screenshots in the game are saved in odd folders. Mine were actually off in c://ProgramFiles(x86)steam/userdata/71821521/760/remote/377160/screenshots instead of the normal (for steam) c://ProgramFiles(x86)steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4

Anyhow, it is fun, has managed to pull me away from Mad Max and that fun chaos.

Jurrasic Gully

Went and saw Jurassic World this weekend. It was entertaining but failed to keep my attention. However it did spark some ideas! I got the minions in the Recombo DNA Lab busy and they produced some results.

Keitlynn went out for a trot on her new raptor all terrain dino.

Keitlynn's raptor

Suddenly she heard some roars and trees being smashed behind her. WHAT WAS IT?

What the hell?

Whew! It’s just Caete on her baby T-Rex. Both dinos are saddled up and loaded with bedrolls. ready to head out on adventure! Dinobots, errr dinos go!

It's Caete!

Peddling My Wares

So, I finally got into The Arcade gacha event and got several bicycles. I’m selling them off at my gacha shop except for the cotton candy one which I like a lot. So I mount up and decide to give it a test ride.

The Journey Begins

I enter the sim directly south of mine and guess what I saw?

The Bus

That’s right! One of AnnMarie Otoole’s heavily scripted self littering vehicles. Of course none are owned directly by her, she’s got layers of alts that own them so her main doesn’t get banned. So barely into Dewey and we get an eyesore. Thanks AMO. The picture was taken at midnight so we could all bask in the glow from the arse end of the bus just like in RL! So realistic!

Still, the show must go on!

We peddle through Kitster and find a couple of castles have gone up.

Kitster Castles

Next we encounter many robots in Kouhun. Also a bus but it is not AMOs nor is it stuck in someone’s yard or house or airspace.

Kouhum Robots

Just south of the northern border of Strata we can find another of AMO’s self driving vehicles that get stuck off road, yet she will tell you that is impossible.

Strata Car

Also in Strata is a nice little henge. It’s no Caetehenge but it is nice to see another henge on the grid!


On down the road we enter Mechozilla. A rather nice little rental property comes with a bonus. That’s right! Free AMO car parking on the second floor balcony! Nothing says responsible scripter and builder like random airbourne vehicles lodging themselves in your house.

Two Story Parking in Mechozilla

Our journey was quiet (and no sales of cotton candy 😦 ) all through Reverie, Exxilon, and Zed’s Pitch. Ruh oh, something must have happened in the next sim! That’s right. In Rimutaka Park, near the eastern border, we get to see realism in action! An antique steam roller pretending to be the General Lee from The Duke’s of Hazard has frozen its jump in time so we can all marvel at the graceful flight!

Rimutaka Park Jump

Meanwhile in Putiki Fold, AnnMarie Otoole stands blinging and full bright straight out of 2003. It is obvious she doesn’t care about what others go through with her blight of vehicles. And to answer your question, no, she did not buy any cotton candy. 😦

Putiki Fold

Just in case you are confused, AMO is on the right. The one on the left is a noob scuplture.